How Master Health Checkups Can Save Your Health and Sometimes Your Life

How often do we hear of a family being shocked by the news of ill health of a member? Often, we are not prepared for the emotional impact of such news, leave alone financial implications of the treatment.

But this could easily be prevented by going early for a Master Health Check (MHC), which helps detect signs of any health issue, which if left unnoticed can lead to severe problems later – be it diabetes, blood pressure, cardiac, kidney, liver issues or any other.


Who should take a Master Health Check

Anyone who is above 35 years of age can take it. You can take it once in 3 years if you’re below 50 years and once every year if you’re 50 years or above.

Remember, an MHC is also for anyone who seems completely healthy. You need not have a health problem to do a Master Health Checkup because early detection is your best protection.


Advantages of a Master Health Check


#1 Review of your current health conditions

It’s always good to know how your overall health is today. An MHC is a thorough diagnosis of your current health and helps you maintain a record of the same for future reference.


#2 Early detection of any disease

The MHC tests tell you a lot about your health including kidney, liver, lungs, heart and more. The doctor you consult will be able to assess and explain the reports to you. Any potential health issues can be detected early and managed.


#3 Better health and lifestyle

The diagnosis of your current health can help you relook at your lifestyle habits. Based on the reports, the doctor can also suggest diet and lifestyle changes besides an exercise routine to improve your health and prevent any issues in the future.


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