Internal Medicine

Are you running a temperature or is that just your nose? Has a sudden rash sprung across your back or is your sinus infected? Or have you simply missed your annual check-up for the fifth time running? Let our team of doctors take care of it. We have ample experience to


Managing diabetes may be overwhelming, at first. But we, at Diha, are here to help you with it. Our diabetes specialist has a wide range of resources to help you live a full, active life, despite your condition. Walk into our clinic to


Do your joints or tendons hurt constantly? Have you developed chronic back pain? Or have you simply sprained your ankle while playing a game of badminton? Bone and muscle health are important to living a healthy, active lifestyle, and our orthopaedic specialist can help diagnose, treat, prevent, and rehabilitate your musculoskeletal conditions. Some of our services include

Obstetrics And Gynaecology

As women age, their health needs change considerably. We, at Diha, offer the highest level of care for women of all ages, offering


We know that your child’s health is important to you. Visit our clinic to


With heart disease being one of the primary causes of death in India, you should do everything possible to stay heart-healthy. Visit Diha to


The skin, the largest organ in the body, protecting the internal organs from the elements, is often exposed to disease, wear-and-tear, stress and underlying hormonal conditions. Here, at Diha, we believe that healthy hair, nails, and skin is for everyone, and we do our best to help you get there. We offer clinical consulting on many conditions, including


Do you develop allergies every time you smell the roses? Do you lie awake, unable to sleep, because of your stuffy nose or your partner’s snoring? Has the water that accumulated in your child’s ears after his swimming lesson led to it getting infected?


Let our ENT specialist take care of it. Walk into our clinic to solve all issues related to: