Do you develop allergies every time you smell the roses? Do you lie awake, unable to sleep, because of your stuffy nose or your partner’s snoring? Has the water accumulated in your child’s ears after their swimming lesson led to an infection?


Our expert ENT doctor at Diha Clinic is there to address all your concerns. They will make sure that your sore throat, ear ache, or running nose gets the right and timely care.


It is common knowledge that there is an increasing prevalence of hearing loss seen today due to longer times spent with headphones on, apart from age-related changes. We offer the latest in diagnostic techniques and preventive medicines to detect and treat hearing loss in the early stages.


You can also avail of specialized advice on treating tinnitus, nasal congestion, deviated septum, laryngitis, tonsillitis, etc.

Our services include:

Dr Renish Darby G M.B.B.S., DLO

ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist
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Dr. Nirmal Kumar

ENT Specialist
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