For all the parents out there, there is nothing more precious than the health, safety and happiness of their children. So, a child’s ill-health or affected development can take a great toll on parents, both physical and mental.


A primary challenge in paediatric care is that, unlike adults, children cannot always share what they are experiencing and where and how it hurts. Hence, it’s always advisable to seek immediate and professional medical care at the slightest sign of discomfort in your young one. Getting regular check-ups for your child is also important to ensure their health, proper growth and happiness.


Often, parents find it hard to connect with a qualified paediatrician for receiving the appropriate medical attention. Children require regular follow-ups with their doctors so that the professionals can catch any warning signs early and also assess their diet, play and development. Proper and timely intervention is beneficial for both children and parents.


We, at Diha Clinic, firmly believe that “prevention is better than cure” when it comes to the health of children. Our experienced medical professional is available to consult with parent and child and provide the right care — whether it’s a cough and cold or significant changes in the personal habits of your child, we are there to help.


Our doctors follow the “listen and treat” philosophy in extending thorough healthcare services, ensuring to address any concerns of parents and children.


At Diha, we help you connect with expert paediatrician so you can be rest assured of your child’s wellness. If you’re worried about your child’s diet or growth, fret not. Our doctors will efficiently diagnose, prescribe the right treatment and clear any queries you might have regarding their health.

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Dr Karthic Suman Nath K N M.B.B.S., DCH, PGPN

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